Sunday, 21 April 2013

Teaser - How To Make Bangles From Bottles

Just a little tease for you all, my next post will be on how to use soft drink bottles into jewellery, bangles to be precise.

I saw this photo on Facebook which did not have a source, so I decided to try them out for myself and so far I am having fun with them. My young daughter started on one herself but gave up part way through so these can probably be made with teenagers and older due to how fiddly they can be.

So I got started on my bangles and decided that a cool and easy project like this must have a real author on the web somewhere. So I did a reverse images search on Google and found it here on this blog:

I noted that there were differences to how they made theirs slightly, which made me happy that I started the project on my intuition as to how to do, I think my way is a little easier. The bottle they start off with is too big so needs adjusting, where as mine is an ideal size (well for me anyway). You don't get as many bracelets from the bottle size I have used but that's ok, you just need more bottles if you want to make more.

So stay tuned to see how my bangles made out of bottles turn out, I will post pics and all the steps to create them yourself very soon.

Thanks for reading  :)

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